Customer retention and happiness are critical for healthy business success, and delivering high-quality products and services is a large part of attaining these repeat consumers. As a result, quality assurance and management are critical. Quality assurance is a method of determining whether your product or service meets industry standards and whether you’re providing clients with the type of product or service that will keep them coming back. The goal is to provide a product or service that maintains a high level of quality throughout time. It’s a proactive technique in which flaws are discovered before a product or service is released to the public. Customer pleasure hinges on this. When clients are satisfied, your business has a lot higher chance of succeeding.

Another level of assurance that important in the industry is Halal assurance system, particularly if you are from food and beverages, pharmaceutical, food premises, cosmetics, consumer good and also possible for service-based industry e.g. importer, distributor, transporter, and retailer. In fact, maintaining the Halal assurance can be concurrently run with quality assurance. This is because, Halal Assurance system (HAS) is based on the concept of Total Quality Management (TQM) and runs simultaneously with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards.   

Halal Assurance System (HAS) is an integrated management system which is developed, implemented, and maintained to manage materials, production processes, products, human resources, and procedures in order to maintain the sustainability of Halal production process in accordance with Halal requirements.

It is not simple to set up any quality assurance system nor HAS that is both simple and functional. It necessitates the stakeholders implementing a systematic traceability system, goal-oriented management, excellent communication, and well-organized guidelines and procedures. All of this necessitates a mountain of paperwork and administration.

However, in this competitive industry, it is not difficult to switch all quality assurance maintenance work from manual to digital. A digital tool could actually help to minimise risks, reducing the fallout in the worst-case scenarios and eventually initiate corrective action. By going digital, company can stay updated by getting all alerts, statistics, input, and collaboration through the system. There is abundance of software available, for example Qualio, SAP, Intellect, ACE, to name a few.

However, the Halal Assurance System is not the same, since there is just a basic system accessible, with functionalities that are still unclear. It is challenging even to manage one product as it contains many ingredients. Each of them has their Halal certification within that product’s certification. Thus, having all the Halal ingredients info and documents stored digitally is very important and it helps company be prepared to operate anywhere remotely. It also enables company to document more efficiently and improve traceability and connectivity of the whole Halal supply chain.

Digitizing processes can enable improved visibility and provide real-time insights into Halal management systems. Serunai Commerce through its Halal Centre of Excellence experts guide and assist companies to be Halal certified through various training programs. From the experience gained, Serunai Commerce developed a system to ease the process of maintaining Halal Assurance System (HAS) digitally through a platform called VH SMART™️.

Unlike any other software, this cutting-edge system enables Halal industry player to stop worrying about not being able to trace and record number of their stock keeping units (SKUs), ingredients and supplier details every time they maintain or renew their Halal certification.

Halal industry player can take advantage of it by converting from old excel/access-based compliance solutions to VH SMART™️ and leading a digital transformation that will help them stand out in a crowded market. Transformation may seem overwhelming at first, but it will undoubtedly benefit the sector in the long run. You may explore of the features more by visiting https://serunai.com/portfolio/vhsmart/.

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