All-you-can-eat buffet restaurants, or unlimited food restaurants has always become the top choice among consumers. The trend has never slowed down, especially in the country like Malaysia. 

Malaysia is a gastronomic delight with a wide variety of foods and dishes. With citizens from three large ethnic groups— namely Malay, Chinese and Indian, each with their own cuisine—the availability and mix of flavours and recipes are the reason why customers prefer buffet dining where they can choose from variety, diverse food options, can decide how much food they want to eat in a single meal and limitless servings at a fair price. 

With the month of Ramadhan coming to an end, billions around the world performed fasting, reflection, charity and devotion. At the same time, many people looked forward to spending time with family and friends over a delectable iftar and soon Eid spread, thanks to hotels and restaurants that have begun to expand their all-you-can-eat buffet offerings. Consumers appear to be looking forward to all of these options as the Covid-19 limitation is lifted more and more. Buffet dining not only provides you with food, but it also provides you with time to spend with extended family and friends while enjoying your favourite foods, and you can forget about cooking and cleaning, especially now that most offices have resumed normal operations.  

For the hotel and restaurant owners, reason for the huge buffet’s promotion made is because most of the hotel restaurants are getting fewer consumers during the daytime. Thus, to generate revenue or breakeven cost during the fasting and Eid month, they need to use strategies as much as possible. With that, most of the hotel restaurants do not want to miss the golden opportunity to serve the Iftar and Eid buffet.

In Malaysia, it is not compulsory for hotels or premises selling food to acquire the Halal certification. But issue arises when certain hotels and restaurants are using the buzz and offering buffets with names like “Ramadhan Buffet,” “Buka Puasa Buffet,” and “Iftar Buffet” and “Hari Raya Buffet.” All of these titles might be perplexing, particularly if the hotel kitchen or restaurant is not Halal certified. These offers are in violation of the Trade Description Act, which states that one cannot market or provide items or services like Ramadhan offerings without first obtaining Malaysian Halal certification from the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (JAKIM) or Department of State Religious Affair (JAIN).

It’s worth noting that the majority of Halal-certified restaurants appeal to both Muslims and non-Muslims, particularly in Malaysia, where everyone respects each other’s faith and culture. They’ve discovered that the Halal certification is useful in determining whether establishments fulfil the highest standards.The Halal certification is related to Halalan Thoyyiban, which goes beyond an absence of pork and alcohol, and covers other aspects such as slaughtering, cleanliness and safety.

Gaining clients’ trust is critical to every business’s success. As a result, many people are drawn to promote their buffets in brochures, posters, banners, and social media using words like Ramadan  & Hari Raya buffet, iftar Ramadan, jom iftar, ditanggung Halal, and dijamin Halal. This phrases may be used by irresponsible company owners to mislead faithful Halal consumers.

Halal certification might provide as an assurance to customers. “Eat of that which Allah hath bestowed on you as food lawful and good and keep your duty to Allah in whom ye are believers.” – Quran 5:88

In this verse, it clearly mentions that Allah S.W.T requires all people to find food that is lawful and good to eat. Lawful means Halal. Therefore, obtaining Halal food is a necessary for a true Muslim. Meanwhile, Halal food production is required for the good of the community, an act of fardu kifayah.

In essence, as Muslim business owners, we should consider obtaining Halal certification to be an ibadah. Non-Muslims might support the Halal certification since it serves as a marketing tool to sell a product, and in business, obtaining clients’ confidence is the most crucial part.

This is so that the customers will have no doubt in choosing and consume confidently especially Ramadhan is all about good deed. 

Be wise in making choice. Choose Halal certified hotel kitchen or restaurant. To help you navigate your Halal-certified hotel kitchen and restaurant, download the Verify Halal app today. 

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