With so much happening in and around us, it has become dutybound upon everyone to seek knowledge and create awareness of the Halal industry and the notion thereof. Halal awareness is the level of understanding of Muslims in knowing problems related to the concept of Halal. At the same time, it extends further to our consumers, and essentially, humanity as a whole. Such knowledge includes understanding what products can be consumed and how the production process is carried out.

For example, Halal has gone through a lot of changes, and this evolution has had a lot of ramifications. For example, in the food and beverage business, we frequently see mislabelling and cross contamination, and it is with such ramifications and concerns that everyone must act and raise awareness. There are other ways to raise awareness, including simply speaking about the problems and proposing solutions.

It is with awareness that one protects the sanctity of Halal and more so that it represents the symbol of hygiene, quality, and safety of products when produced strictly under the Holistic Halal Assurance Management System.

Therefore, today’s customers are highly worried, and they must always be conscious of what they eat, drink, and use. The perceptual and cognitive reaction of Muslim and non-Muslim customers to items or meals on the market is described by their awareness. As a result, community knowledge is an internal condition of things, and one should not take everything at face value, especially considering the importance of Halal awareness in the lives of Muslims and their duty to be Shari’ah compliant. One of the most fascinating facts is that the majority of Halal-certified commodities are manufactured by non-Muslims, emphasising the importance of Halal understanding in maintaining Halal manufacturing integrity. 

One of the gears is search activity information, which is critical to an individual’s success since it determines their degree of competency and capacity to meet information demands. Information seeking is one of the learning skills that helps the mind grasp things better, which leads to happiness.

As a result, it is critical for organisations from all sectors to ensure that they play a key role in raising Halal awareness in all areas. Whether in food and beverage, medicines, or cosmetics, the sectors must advise on what the regulatory red flags are and how to prevent them. More importantly, establish information bases around potential concerns and offer many venues so that our communities are not mislead. Instead of voluntarily developing programmes for members of all faculties of the Halal business to voice their concerns and offer suggestions for how the problems may be avoided, they are being forced to do so.

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