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Global Halal Data Pool (GHDP)

Global Halal Data Pool (GHDP) is the world's first Global Halal Data Pool. This global initiative connects accredited Halal suppliers, manufacturers, product service providers, buyers and retailers onto the global market place.

GHDP serves as a base for live product/service information, which serves as a source of both traceability and Halal integrity. GHDP is a GDSN certified data pool. Connecting to 36 global data pools that encompasses over 150 global markets. The system will empower GHDP listed companies to make their products and services available to expand, supply and build long term business relationships and markets.

GDSN is a global, private and secure B2B network for synchronising and exchanging structured information which enables companies around the globe to exchange data with their trading partners. The Global GDSN network operates on the basis of the parameters established in the GS1 Global Registry which connects to data pools or e-catalogs that have been certified according to the parameters established by GS1. GDSN assures that data exchanged is accurate and compliant with universal standards.

The system will also be the designated marketplace for buyers and sellers to instantly transact via the platform. Visit Global Halal Data Pool to find out more.

GHDP System Services

Ingredients Check

Export Readiness

Live Access to Company Information

Supply Chain Traceability

Standard Adherence

Product Information and Details

OEM Capability



Verify Halal

Verify Halal is a JAKIM endorsed Smartphone app (available on both Android & soon on iOS) developed by Serunai Commerce.

Consumers, retailers and suppliers now have the ability to instantly check the Halal integrity of any product. It’s about enhancing consumer confidence and perception towards the Malaysian Halal Standard (and in tandem its recognised international Certification Bodies).

Verify Halal App download link : Verify Halal – Android Apps on Google Play Store. Features certified products of JAKIM and JAKIM’s Foreign Halal Certification Body. Click here to download the app or search for Verify Halal in Google Play Store.

For more information please visit our website at Verify Halal

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The Serunai Team consists of experts across the field of information technology, project management, as well as the ability to kick-start research projects with our plethora of R&D partners in Malaysia and abroad.