Make halal compliance more traceable, and products more easily traded across halal products.

Integrated and secure Digital Halal Ecosystem

HADIC™ aims to create an integrated and secure digital Halal ecosystem, seamlessly connecting components throughout the Halal value chain. It will serve as the secure digital expressway that connects the numerous databases along the supply chain via multiple ledgers secured by blockchain, allowing users to leverage on the system’s secure connections and interface to easily join the global Halal digital chain.

Being connected to HADIC™ will also mean that providers of Halal products and services will be part of the Global Halal Data Pool, providing direct access to buyers and sellers in over 45 international markets. The system even integrates with the Verify Halal app which provides users with instant verification of a product’s Halal status as well as a fully traceable supply chain.

Determined to contribute to the growth of the global Halal economy, we take the initiative of assisting SME Corporations to export their Halal certified goods to selected countries such as South Africa, India, Taiwan and many more. This project started in Beijing early 2018 now includes Taiwan due to the high demands of Halal goods from Malaysia.