Serunai's Digital Halal Ecosystem

Serunai Commerce develops a comprehensive digital halal ecosystem to enhance the global halal marketplace’s connectivity and transparency.

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Serunai's Halal Digital Offering

Global Halal Data Pool

Global Halal Data Pool™ is a global initiative that connects accredited Halal suppliers, manufacturers, product service providers, buyers and retailers onto the global market place.

Halal Centre of Excellence

Halal Centre of Excellence (Halal CoE™) offers assistance to new applicants of Malaysia Halal Certification by providing Halal capacity building and consultancy. Headquarted in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia…

Verify Halal™

Verify Halal™ is a JAKIM endorsed Smartphone app available on both Android & iOS. The app is a global consumer and halal brand reference point for Halal products and services.

Halal Digital Chain

Halal Digital Chain (HADIC™) is a Blockchain -powered halal digital chain, an initiative by JAKIM to create an integrated and secured digital halal ecosystem. Blockchain promises a more traceable halal compliance and easier trading across halal products. 

Certification Bodies Master System

Certification Bodies Master System (CBMS™) is created to make Halal auditing process a more efficient as a one stop solution to also reduce clutters and bulky documents. It offers a hassle free online and digitalised Halal certificate application system.


VH SMART™ helps brand owners apply and manage their halal certification through a more efficient administration of Halal Assurance System (HAS) before earning their halal logo and maintaining the logo’s integrity after they are certified.

Featured Technology

Halal Search Engine for Ingredients, Halal Products & Services

Verify Halal™ app is a global Halal Search Engine. The App is designed to empower consumers and retailers with the ability to instantly verify the Halal accreditation of the product by either scanning or searching for product, brand, company, or country of their choice. Listed products are from accredited certification bodies.

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Blockchain-Enabled Halal Digital Chain

HADIC™ a Blockchain-powered Halal digital chain which aims to create an integrated and secure digital halal ecosystem. Blockchain promises to make halal compliance more traceable, and products more easily traded across the supply chain — the technology can quickly confirm halal compliance at each stage of the production, such application can eliminate fraud.

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Digital Halal Assurance System

Halal application and renewal are now made easy for you through our digital Halal Assurance System, VH SMART™. Halal Assurance System (HAS) is an integral part of a company’s halal integrity, especially for halal certification purposes. Having a digitalised system will ensure that halal practices are implemented company-wide, accurately and diligently.

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