2017: Verify Halal™ Application

With the easy spreading of fake Halal news in the industry, Serunai once again saw the opportunity to uplift the Halal Industry and at the same time helping brand owners to maintain their products’ Halal status. On 26 May 2017, Verify Halal App was introduced to local and international users. Receiving constant support from JAKIM, Verify Halal extends its reach to connect with 72 international Halal certification bodies recognized by JAKIM such as Japan, South Africa, India, Taiwan and Austria so users can instantly verify Halal status for international products with just a simple scan of barcode. The App is now used in more than 132 countries with nearly 100,000 downloads in just one year.

Receiving feedbacks and enquiries from international manufacturers regarding Malaysia Halal Certification, Serunai provides consultancy advice and Halal training programme for international applicants who wish to apply for Malaysia Halal Certification. This is meant to reduce the hassle that new applicants of Halal have to go through especially those from other countries such Taiwan and China.