2019: Halal Digital Chain

Serunai Commerce, the developer behind the Global Halal Data Pool as well as the Verify Halal app, recently announced the launch of a blockchain-powered Halal digital chain, HADIC, which aims to create an integrated and secure digital halal ecosystem, seamlessly connecting components throughout the Halal value chain. The soft launch was inaugurated by Dato’ Dr Sirajuddin Suhaimee, Director of Malaysian Halal Council, at Jakim’s HITeX zone during the 16th Malaysia International Halal Showcase (MIHAS) 2019 at MITEC.

HADIC will serve as the secure digital expressway that connects the numerous databases along the supply chain via multiple ledgers secured by blockchain, allowing users to leverage on the system’s secure connections and interface to easily join the global Halal digital chain.

Being connected to HADIC will also mean that providers of Halal products and services will be part of the Global Halal Data Pool, providing direct access to buyers and sellers in over 46 international markets. The system even integrates with the Verify Halal app which provides users with instant verification of a product’s Halal status as well as a fully traceable supply chain. Additional social elements such as geotagging, comments, ratings and data analytics will provide users with a fully integrated commerce and business intelligent network designed to easily navigate the digital Halal economy. Realising the vital role Serunai plays in helping Halal certification bodies worldwide, Certification Bodies Master System (CBMS™) was created to make Halal auditing process a walk in the park for auditors as a one stop solution to also reduce clutters and bulky documents. It offers a hassle free fully online and digitalised Halal certificate application system.