Serunai Halal COE™ Training

Training List

Halal Industry Fundamental Program
Hotel’s Halal Kitchen & Food Premise
Slaughtering in Halal Industry Application
Siri Bedah Halal Standard | Siri 1: Skim Makanan Halal, MS 1500
Siri Bedah Halal Standard | Siri 2: Skim Kosmetik, MS 2634
Siri Bedah Halal Standard | Siri 3: Skim Farmaseutikal Halal, MS 2424
Siri Bedah Halal Standard | Siri 4: Skim Barang Gunaan: MS 2200
Siri Bedah Halal Standard | Siri 5: Sistem Pengurusan Rantaian Bekalan Halal, MS 2400
Managing Halal Application in MYeHALAL System
Internal Halal Control System (IHCS)
Halal Assurance System (HAS): Manual Development & Implementation
Sertu Implementation in Halal Industry
Internal Halal Audit Management
Halal Critical Ingredient
Halal Contingency & Crisis Management Plan
Webinar Get Halal Indonesia
Competency of Halal Supervisor Indonesia
Mesti Ada MeSTI
GMP Best Practice
HACCP Understanding and Implementation
Build you own HACCP Manual

Training Calendar

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