This year’s feast of sacrifice has brought a different meaning altogether. Although the world is hit by a rare disaster, the coronavirus pandemic did not stand a chance to stop us from commemorating the divine sacrifice made by Prophet Abraham (PBUH) and his son, Prophet Ismail (PBUH).

Despite the difficulties faced by Muslims around the world to perform their religious sacrificial ritual, Serunai Commerce through its mobile application Verify Halal has made Eid Al Adha sacrificial ritual a breeze as physical gatherings and business activities were still limited to curb the spread of the virus.

Sharing the success story, Its Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Amnah Shaari regarded this year’s Berkat Korban initiative as inevitable and timely due to the rapid development of technology that helps propel the digital halal ecosystem to a larger scale.

“COVID-19 has accelerated the digitalisation and halal ecosystem to synergise a wholesome halal supply chain through Verify Halal as a platform to boost this initiative,” said Amnah.

“The change is now and the world is embracing digitalisation in many aspects of life including the way how we serve our faith,” she added.

Aimed to facilitate Muslims in fulfilling their religious obligations to share meat with the less fortunate while curbing the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the Berkat Korban 2.0 is a continuous success from last year.

Themed “From Mosque to Mall”, animal sacrifice requests were made available through Verify Halal’s ‘Berkat Korban’ feature inside the app through a collaboration with GTR & AEON Co. (M) Bhd (AEON) as the meat distribution centres nationwide for participants to make their request and to pick up the meat.

“Participants opted to self-collect the meat packages at nearby AEON Malls. There were also participants who choose to have their meat distributed by AEON reps on behalf of them to the asnaf who are the beneficiaries of this charitable cause,” added Amnah.

She also reiterated that apart from enhancing the digital halal ecosystem supply chain, this initiative also indirectly helps farmers sells their cows, goats and sheep who were struggling to sell their livestock due to the lockdown.

“We see this as a digital trend that is going to stay even after the world has recovered from the global pandemic as it promises a secured payment transaction, hassle-free booking with guaranteed clean meat handling and processing,” said Amnah.

Download Verify Halal application today where you can also verify the halal status of products, premises, and abattoirs. 

iOS : https://bit.ly/VerifyHalaliOS

Android : https://bit.ly/VerifyHalalAndroid

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