Modern technology has changed our lives in many ways – revolutionising how we work, live, and play. For the most of the twentieth century, professional communication entailed letter writing, faxing, or talking on the phone for hours at a time. That is no longer the case. In today’s office, social media, mobile phones, tablets, computers, and other technology are all required and the major form of corporate communication. As a result, we have everyday interactions with providers that offer or sell these items and services.

A Technology Solutions Provider (TSP), on the other hand, has a far broader scope. Yes, they are a provider of technological products and services, but they also oversee how they are utilised and supplied on a far bigger scale. In reality, a reputable and well-established technology solutions provider will frequently impact and manage an organisation’s fundamental business processes, as well as develop and adapt with it over time.

The role of technology solutions provider in enabling the country’s digital economic goals is crucial. In order to maintain economic development as Malaysia progresses toward becoming a developed nation, it must position itself not just to adapt, but also to innovate in technology. By capitalising on connection and system integration, as well as exploiting “smart technologies” such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data Analytics, Robotics, and the Internet of Things (IoT), digitalisation has transformed the way companies operate today.

Several local companies have been approved as Technology Solutions Providers by government agencies such as MIDA, MDEC, and SME Corp, in an effort to encourage SMEs and Mid-Tier Companies (MTCs) in the manufacturing and services sectors to automate and digitalize their operations, production, and trade channels.

With its expanding capabilities and facilities, Malaysia is on track to become a regional digital powerhouse, driving innovation and productivity to boost competitiveness and wealth creation.

As a technology company, Serunai Commerce qualified and listed as one of the technology solutions providers approved by MIDA. Serunai Commerce offers a range of products and services designed to enhance the global Halal marketplace. 

Serunai’s goal is to contribute to the economy and society in which it operates by creating a wholesome digital Halal ecosystem that includes everything from training and consulting to Halal connectivity and transparency, thanks to the growing demand for Halal products in both the local and international markets.

Visit MIDA i-services portal to Explore MIDA dedicated resources and find out how TSP such as Serunai Commerce can assist you in expanding your operations at www.iservices.mida.gov.my

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