The concept of Halal is expanding across the globe, and with it comes a lifestyle that Muslims can adopt to become a halal conscious consumer.

A significant part of becoming halal conscious has to do with assessing our behaviour and attitudes, as Muslim consumers.

Before we dive deeper, let us discuss what the halal conscious consumer concept means. Does that refer to those who exclusively involve in commercial activities permitted in Islam?

A recent report on halal trends highlighted that halal-inclusive activities geared towards the Muslim market are no longer solely occupied by adherents of the Islamic faith.

More and more non-Muslims are gradually buying into the concept of what we call a ‘halal conscious consumer.

According to a research report published in the Journal of Brand Management, the reason for this trend is that the halal market derives attention not only from Muslims but also from Non-Muslims who are motivated by the simplicity, purity, and humanity of the halal product itself.

Apart from the fact that it guarantees assurance and security as a Muslim, being a halal-conscious consumer has multiple benefits.

In addition to product quality control, it is also an effective way to promote a healthy lifestyle. So how does one become a halal conscious consumer?
1. Buy what you need.
2. Shop at halal ethical/sustainable businesses
3. Promote agriculture by growing your produce and eating tayyib
4. Reduce your Carbon Footprint.

As halal-conscious consumers, our buying power has an immense impact on the eco-system and our environment. We can become more ’conscious’ of our purchases when we only buy what we need, purchase from halal ethical businesses, consume whole foods, and reduce our carbon footprint.

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