Halal is often associated with food as this is the most visible aspect of halal that people generally interact with. 

More than just food, halal is synonymous with actions that are permissible under Islamic law. It is relevant across a broad range of sectors, from finance to tourism, ensuring that stakeholders act responsibly in the best interest of the people.

Not forgetting that many have this common misconception that halal is only about religion but halal contributes largely to society for the benefit of mankind.

For instance, there has been a growing trend where non-Muslims who prefer to consume halal food due to the benefit and the safety standards halal certified food possess that attracts them which is a significant example of how halal benefits everyone and not just Muslims.

The real halal market size could be more than just the global Muslim population. The global pandemic COVID-19 also provided a silver lining when the awareness of eating clean, safe and hygienic food increase significantly.

Apart from the health benefit it carries, halal also comes with huge financial benefit. Halal industry is profitable and it the number of halal certificate holders from non-Muslims is bigger that the Muslims worldwide. 

At the rate how halal is being accepted by the world right now, it will only grow bigger to benefit the world and not just Muslims. 

Find out more about the halal-certified food, cosmetics, and beauty care products and more by downloading Verify Halal app today where you can also verify the halal status of products, premises, and abattoirs. 

Reference link: https://thelowdown.momentum.asia/halal-lifestyle/ by Yichong 


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