You are hungry but because of lockdown, and you decide to buy your lunch through a food delivery service application.

As you are deciding on which food to buy, you glance through the information and promotion a spotted a halal logo in the halal status section in the app.

Without even thinking twice, you select your order and wait for the food to arrive without thinking that the food you buy may not be Halal certified.

A Malay language daily recently reported about a food delivery service rider who alerted other riders and consumers to be watchful with the food and restaurant selections on the food delivery app after it was discovered that some are marketed as halal on the app while it is not halal certified.

“Judging by its cleanliness and the way how the kitchen is operated it is questionable that the restaurant is halal-certified,” the daily reported adding that it was even more worrying when most of its customers were Muslims.

While a restaurant can be halal-certified but owned by non-Muslims, it is not recommended for consumers to only rely on the info they get from the food delivery service app.

The story made rounds on social media after a food delivery rider was believed to have picked up an order made on a non-halal food from a non-halal-certified shop to be delivered to a Muslim’s consumer

Instead of relying solely on the information obtained from food delivery service applications, consumers are reminded to download Verify Halal application today to cross-check on the halal status of products, premises, and slaughterhouses. 

iOS : https://bit.ly/VerifyHalaliOS

Android : https://bit.ly/VerifyHalalAndroid

Source: https://www.utusan.com.my/terkini/2021/07/rider-ragu-status-halal-restoran/fbclid=IwAR3bUXp1uFrvSvVFCpRj_oiYxFfMKTYU-pZjK6RV3xKuWpRIdmXPzLQI95w

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