Halal supply chains are sensitive, vulnerable and complex to manage throughout its movement from farm, factory, retailers before it reaches the consumers. 

Apart from cross contamination between halal and non-halal food, different knowledge levels and segregation practices in halal supply chains also becomes a threat that exposes it to bribery and corruption.

More often than not, the halal status of cargo is not communicated on freight documents, cargo labels, and in ICT systems. It makes it even more difficult when halal supply chain requirements are not the same for all Muslim markets.

Developed by Serunai Commerce, Halal Digital Chain (HADIC™) was launched by JAKIM in April 2019 to overcome this issue by creating an integrated and secured halal ecosystem.

It promises a more traceable halal compliance easier trading across halal products when the technology can quickly confirm halal compliance at each stage of the production to eliminate fraud and garner positive halal market perception across all industries.

HADIC™ is a world of network-of-networks linked by ‘super-connectors’ with no single ubiquitous trade network servicing the global halal ecosystem.

It bridges the loopholes in halal supply chains, resulting in a more efficient halal assurance system which prevents exposure of high-impact integrity violations.

HADIC™ also strengthens the trust from consumers when they are able to validate the halal integrity of the products using unique QR codes to automate the alignment of market requirement to a supply chain integrity. 

This will add halal supply chain auditing transparency to optimise the performance of all halal supply chain partners.

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