While many non-Halal certified Muslim business operators find managing Halal certification mundane and counterproductive, they still lack understanding of the Halal certificate actual potential towards their business.

Halal is thriving more than ever since the first break out of coronavirus cases and to those who may have seen the wisdom of having their business Halal certified are facing difficulties managing their Halal Assurance System (HAS) until some have come to a point of giving up on their Halal certification management.

Stumbling blocks are common when it comes to managing HAS and these are the usual issues faced by Halal certificate holders:

  1. Missing & outdated documents
  2. Poor continuation from resigned staff
  3. Unsystematic workflow arrangement
  4. Critical ingredients identification inability
  5. The incomprehensive risk management plan
  6. Uninformed change of supplier
  7. Miscommunication & procrastination
  8. Procedure preparation failure
  9. Tedious manual forms and logbook
  10. One-man-show Halal Executive

Realising how much this has become a pressing matter, Serunai Commerce through its Halal Centre of Excellence experts are extending their helping hands to empower industry players through their series of webinars at no charges.

Aiming to bring the understanding of how VH SMART™ can help brand owners apply and manage their Halal certification through a more efficient administration of HAS before earning their Halal logo and maintaining the logo’s integrity after they are certified, the webinar has seen positive feedback from its attendees.

Ensuring an uncompromising sanctity and purity of Halal products and services produced by them, VH SMART™ is the answer to how business operators can upscale their business by harnessing its advanced digital system.

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