Serunai Commerce Sdn Bhd is honoured to be chosen as Malaysia’s representative for G20 Summit 2022 in collaboration with the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) through the South-South and Triangular Cooperation. At the G20 Leaders’ Summit Side Event, Serunai presented a comprehensive Halal Digital Ecosystem in digital transformation breakout session focusses on various sectors including Halal, industry 4.0, education, health, finance and more. 

The summit held in Nusa Dua, Bali Indonesia on November 15-16, 2022, was officially closed by President Joko Widodo, the president of The Republic of Indonesia.

The G20 Summit 2022 is a gathering event for leaders of the world’s largest economies consisting of 19 major countries and the European Union (EU) to discuss global economies highlights, such as financial stability, climate change mitigation and sustainable development.    

The event was attended by a total of 17 Heads of State/Government from South Africa, the United States, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, India, Indonesia, the United Kingdom, Italy, Japan, Germany, Canada, Mexico, Republic of Korea, Russia, France, China, Turkey and the European Union.

The G20 meeting resulted in the G20 Bali Leaders’ Declaration containing 52 paragraphs with four paragraphs emphasizing digital transformations. The declaration manifests commitment towards the development of digital transformations while simultaneously accelerating Sustainable Development Goals achievement. 

According to President Joko Widodo, the digital economy is the key to the future of the economy as it serves as a resilience pillar during the COVID-19 pandemic, contributing 15.5 percent to the global GDP and opening opportunities for small communities to be part of global supply chains. 

“This year, the G20 is encouraging the development of potential start-ups through the digital innovation network. Besides, the G20 must be able to mobilise investment to build affordable digital infrastructure for all, drive cooperation in strengthening digital capacity for developing countries and guarantee digital security and privacy protection, as well as build trust in the digital sector, including through global digital governance,” he said.

During the breakout session, Amnah Shaari, the Group Chief Executive Officer & Founder of Serunai said that the Halal industry demand is on an upsurge and businesses shall not compromise its importance for business excellence. Digitalisation is the way moving forward for the sustainability and integrity of the Halal industry.  

She asserts that “The South-South Triangular Cooperation is an effective collaborative medium for the ummah, especially for the Muslim countries. The Muslim population will be growing to 1/3 part of the world by 2025, and focusing on Halal will give a competitive advantage to the development of the world economy. 

Serunai has collaborated with Halal certification bodies around the world for the imperative of Halal digitalisation. The big data technology is a gateway for the Halal data pool and networking platform among the stakeholders.  

Optimisation of technology is a convenient medium to source for Halal ingredients in just one click. We are confident that this collaboration will expedite the expansion of Halal journey in the global market.“ said Amnah during her closing speech.

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