The Halal Forum at Food & Drinks Malaysia 2024 (FDM2024) by SIAL, held on July 2, 2024, brought together authorities, industry leaders, celebrities, and influencers for a dynamic and engaging event. Hosted at Hall 4 of the Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Centre (MITEC) in Kuala Lumpur, this forum was a remarkable gathering that showcased the vibrant Halal industry and fostered meaningful discussions and collaborations.

The forum featured three presentation slots and a panel discussion, exploring topics including the global Halal industry overview, certification and compliance, import-export activities and strategies, and enhancing the marketing and branding of Halal products. The event also showcased Prof Dato’ Chef Zam, a celebrity chef, and Mr. Hafiz Hamidun, a renowned Islamic singer and celebrity, as the invited panellists.

The Halal Forum was co-organised by Verify Halal of Serunai Commerce Sdn Bhd, in partnership with Comexposium Asia Pacific, the organiser of FDM2024 by SIAL. The forum was attended by 200 participants, including industry players, members of chambers of commerce, regulatory agencies, professionals, members of the media and content creators.

Amnah Shaari, Group CEO and Founder of Serunai, stated,

The Halal industry has experienced tremendous growth over the years, with the Halal market projected to reach USD 5 trillion by 2030. This increase is driven by heightened awareness that Halal encompasses more than just religious or regulatory compliance—it consistently delivers authenticity, purity, and quality. Therefore, greater efforts from various stakeholders are essential to promote Halal from multiple perspectives to achieve this objective.

The forum was privileged to feature insights from several esteemed and knowledgeable speakers, including Mr. Aminuddin Mat Ariff from the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) HQ based in Jeddah, Mr. Mohd Hashim Talib from Ayam Brand, Mr. Woo Wee Kang from Clara International Beauty Sdn Bhd, and Ustaz Mohd Amri Abdullah from the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM), who is also renowned for his role as the moderator at MyHALAL TV on RTM TV1.

The Halal Forum successfully bridged the industry and highlighted the importance of promoting Halal through various channels. With thought-provoking discussions and insights from industry leaders and celebrities, the event set a new benchmark for collaboration and innovation in the Halal market. As we move forward, the commitment to authenticity, quality, and comprehensive promotion will continue to drive the growth and global recognition of Halal products.

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