KUALA LUMPUR, 23rd MAY 2024 –

The Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) has released its latest list of recognised foreign Halal certification bodies and authorities as of 20th May 2024. This update includes two new additions: the SIILHalal – Islamic Inspection Service from Brazil and the Uruguay Islamic Centre from Uruguay. This brings the total number of recognised certification bodies to 88, spanning 49 countries.

The inclusion of these new bodies reflects JAKIM’s ongoing commitment to ensuring the integrity and authenticity of Halal certification worldwide. As the demand for Halal-certified products continues to grow globally, JAKIM remains dedicated to collaborating with reputable certification authorities to uphold the highest standards of Halal compliance.

To support consumers in obtaining accurate information about Halal-certified products, Serunai Commerce encourages the public to use the Verify Halal app. This innovative tool provides an easy-to-use platform for checking the authenticity of Halal certified products, premises and abbatoirs, as well as accessing the latest list of recognised foreign Halal certification bodies and its logo directly within the app.

For consumers, the Verify Halal app offers a myriad of benefits. It provides peace of mind by enabling users to instantly verify the Halal status of products, ensuring they meet the stringent standards set by recognised authorities. The app’s comprehensive database includes a wide range of products and certification bodies, making it an indispensable tool for those who prioritise Halal compliance in their daily lives. Additionally, the app is user-friendly, making it accessible for people of all ages to navigate and utilise effectively.

Industry players also stand to gain significantly from the Verify Halal app. For manufacturers and retailers, the app serves as a transparent and reliable means of sourcing Halal-certified products, including data on raw materials and ingredients. By ensuring their products are sourced from genuinely Halal-certified suppliers, the industry can easily maintain its Halal assurance. This helps businesses build trust and confidence among consumers, potentially increasing their market share within the growing Halal sector.

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