Many non-Halal certified, and non-Muslim business operators find managing Halal certification mundane and counterproductive because of the lack understanding of the Halal certificate actual potential towards their business.

The Halal market has massive potential for growth. To compete with the current Halal market trend especially in Muslim countries, manufacturers, product owners and distributors must understand the regulations, requirements, application procedures and maintenance of halal certification. It is also crucial to understand implementation of global Halal certification bodies and on what aspects it helps in the development of Halal market.

Aiming to bring the understanding of Halal 101, Serunai Halal Centre of Excellence in collaboration with the Federation of Indian Export Organisations (FIEO) organised the Webinar on Prospect and Opportunities of the World Halal Market, held on 11th August 2021.

The webinar was designed to introduce the understanding of Halal as well as segments related to the sale of halal food and products including the requirements. It focused on the Supply Chain which starts from the source of raw materials to the consumption by consumers `From Farm to Fork’. The session successfully enriched participants with exposure and elevate participants knowledge in understanding the general requirement in understanding the Halal concept and to comply with the basic requirements for Halal Certification.

Participants were also exposed to the relevant Standards and Halal Certification requirements as well as the current halal food and products issues and opportunities. 

Visit Serunai’s Halal Centre of Excellence™ website to get more information or discuss potential collaboration with us via https://serunai-test-7ab8bd.ingress-earth.ewp.live/home/hcoe/

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