A video of a wild boar inside a sports shop at a shopping complex in Putrajaya made rounds on social media last year after the poor animal got itself lost and wandered into the shop.  

Such incident is not unusual as there have been incidents where a halal premise is contaminated with severe najis or filth when a dog strayed into a halal restaurant scourging for food and worse, peed in the premise.

Torn between disposing of all contaminated items or cleaning them, a trader can save themselves from further losses should they know the necessary steps to carry out the cleansing process at the premises based on Islamic guidelines in dealing with ‘najis mughallazah’.

This is when the knowledge on how to perform sertu comes in handy especially when the sertu procedure must be monitored by the authorities such as Malaysian Islamic Development Department (JAKIM) or any State Islamic Religious Department (JAIN).

Originated from the Arabic language, the word ‘najis’ means impurity or impure, dirty, polluted, contaminated, dirt, or filth.

Sertu is a method of Islamic cleansing and purification ritual to clean ‘najis mughallazah’ which is the severest form of impurity of najis that comes from pig’s and dog’s or their derivatives.

Commonly known as a method of cleaning by using seven parts of mutlaq water, with one part or water mixed with clean soil, it is widely used in halal industry to purify utensils, surfaces, equipment, or tools that have been contaminated by any impure or non-halal element such as dogs, pigs, boar and all its derivatives as well as blood and carrion.

Apart from that, the Islamic cleansing ritual will also be required when halal food comes into direct contact with non-halal or indirectly contaminated with alcoholic drinks or when water is contaminated with intoxicants or other impurities mixed.

However, if you are unsure or need experts to be at your disposal, reach out to Halal Centre of Excellence for professional coaching, training, and assistance on sertu and all halal matters.

WhatsApp / call: http://www.wasap.my/601133627641

Website: https://serunai-test-7ab8bd.ingress-earth.ewp.live/Serunai/HCOE


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