The demand for Halal products and services is increasing over the years, however statistics has shown that 85% of the world producers are non-Muslim. To ensure on the continuity of Shariah compliance is met and in order to assure that the Halal industry players have the same understanding and commitment towards Halal and its requirements, Halal Executive must be Muslim.

Religious agenda aside, a Halal Executive is vital in accommodating the stakeholders demands, particularly the industries, authorities and even the consumers as they must professionally equipped with theoretical knowledge and practical skills to assist organisation to meet the Halal Toyyiban Standards.

Serunai Halal Centre of Excellence, through its continuous effort in promoting Halal, offers the Professional Certification in Halal Executive Programme that aims to provide the understanding and knowledge for Halal Executives on implementation of Halalan Thoyyiban in industry which is parallel to the world’s best practices and standards by employing on practical methods, techniques, procedures, technologies, and tools.

This programme accredited by JAKIM’s Halal Professional Board are suitable for Halal Certified organisation and company that is in the process of obtaining Halal Certification from JAKIM as Halal Authority. The content of this training adopts the latest requirements of Malaysia Halal Certification which are MS 1500:2019, MANUAL PROCEDURE MALAYSIA HALAL CERTIFICATION 2020 (MPPHM 2020), and Malaysia Halal Management System 2020 (MHMS 2020).

Pursue your career opportunities and join the Halal Executive programme now. For more information, visit http://bit.ly/Serunai_HEP

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