You are off to the market to buy some meat. Upon arrival, there are plenty of types, cuts and you begin to realise that purchasing meat and poultry is now no longer as easy as how you used to do it.

Especially when using your senses of touch, smell and sight no longer seem to be the only way to select the best meat to buy because all that matters to you is the safety of the product and its Halal status.

Ever since the meat cartel issue made the headlines, grocery shoppers especially Muslims no longer feels confident in dealing with their meaty matters. What makes selecting and buying harder is when it involves fake Halal certification scandals involving corrupted government officials.

In this era where everything is digitized, one can only hope that there is a formidable tacking system that guarantees no monkey business going on.

Worry no more as HADIC™’s sophisticated connectivity system is known to be able to guarantee the whole Halal supply chain from farm to fork is not compromised.

Leveraging on the distributed ledger technology (DLT) that the HADIC™ has as its major impenetrable line of protection against any cunning strategies by anyone to achieve their fraudulent objective.

What makes it better, the advanced features that HADIC™ has will assist JAKIM in its effort to harmonise the whole Halal accreditation across the world as well as the unification of Halal standards to benefit Muslim consumers, manufacturers, and traders around the world.

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