Serunai Commerce Sdn Bhd creates a partnership with Uganda Halal Bureau as Malaysian Halal Digital Ecosystem provider supported by the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB), initiated in a workshop on 17th September 2022. The event took place at Hotel Africana and officiated by Mr. David A Kiiza, the representative of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Co-Operatives and Hajji Abdul Hakiim Sekandi, the Chairman and Finance and Administration Director of the Uganda Halal Bureau.

Halal market value is increasing over the years and the Ugandan and East African Community (EAC) Muslim communities are estimated at 9 million and 50 million, respectively. Uganda is the only member of the OIC and is the East African Community (EAC) that possesses an elaborated Halal standards developed by the main Halal certification body, Uganda Halal Bureau (UHB), in collaboration with the Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS), a government entity.

As the major player of Halal sector in Uganda, UHB has assisted several national programs in enhancing export activities of Uganda with Halal branding through engagement with several key stakeholders. Through their Halal standards, UHB has helped relevant enterprises including the food processing, food service institutions such as restaurants, hotels’ kitchen, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and personal care manufacturers. Together with UNBS, they have planned to expand the scope of services according to the market demand.

Their experts consist of well trained and qualified personnel including the holders of PhD, MSc, bachelor’s degrees in relevant fields including from the Islamic Knowledge and Food Technology. Their competencies were enhanced from the initial stages where training on conformity assessment was conducted in collaboration with the UNBS and Standards Malaysia. This has made UHB the pioneer in the professional Halal certification based on standards in Uganda since 2012. 

Through this collaboration, UHB is more focused to further assist in the increasing demand towards Halal products and services. Several enhancement plan will be implemented including developing relevant Halal infrastructure such as a Halal testing and research laboratory, providing professional and technical assistance to implement Halal in among Uganda and international companies, promoting Halal industry in Uganda and continuous training of the Halal certification officers.

Serunai Commerce Director of International Partnership and Global Events, Intan Ramly said that they are committed to contribute and work hand in hand with Uganda Halal Bureau, especially with digital innovations. “There is a growing opportunities for Uganda to accelerate its trade and export market and the need to comply with various trade restrictions imposed by many countries due to the recent pandemic has accelerated UHB’s overall efforts to ensure that Uganda’s Halal industry continues to grow, serving the needs of the people during these challenging times while ensuring strong foundations are built to cater to the expected increase in demand from Halal goods domestically and globally.” said Intan during her speech at the workshop.

Through this Reverse Linkage project under the purview of Islamic Development Bank (IsDB), UHB was identified to be the beneficiary based on their previous credentials, success and continued prominent role in the Halal industry of Uganda. With the support of Serunai Commerce from Malaysia in providing the knowledge and expertise in Halal and digital technology, the enhancement of UHB will accelerate the overall Halal ecosystem in Uganda. 

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