As the year draws to a close, there might be a slew of tasks on your to-do list. Serunai Commerce, on the other hand, wrapped off its year-end international stage with Global Halal Brazil, continuing the success of prior international forum participation.

Global Halal Brazil is the country’s first and largest Halal forum. The GHB was held at the Renaissance Hotel in São Paulo, from 6 Dec to 8 Dec 2021, and was organised by the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce and Fambras Halal, with support from the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil), BRF, Iceport, and Portonave. It was a free hybrid event (online and on-site), broadcasted in an online platform to 57 countries. A total of 3,000 individuals attended the event, including high-ranking authorities, business and religious leaders, and specialists, in person or electronically, as professionals offered their perspectives on global Halal trade and its potentials.

Tereza Cristina, Brazil’s Minister of Agriculture, spoke at the business forum’s opening ceremony about her country’s potential as a worldwide supplier of certified products, while Osmar Chohfi, President of ABCC, spoke about the Halal market’s creative opportunities. While Ali Zoghbi, Vice President of FAMBRAS Halal, emphasised that the processes and initiatives that satisfy the highest quality standard are the primary strengths of the Brazilian Halal business.

The forum also emphasised the potential for Halal products to grow outside the Arab and Islamic worlds. Furthermore, the participants emphasised the importance of high-quality Halal-certified products in the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, citing the rising appeal among vegans and health-conscious customers.

Serunai Commerce was particularly delighted that Puan Amnah Shaari, Group CEO and Founder, and Mohd Jabal Abd Rahim, Head, Serunai Halal Centre of Excellence, shared their knowledge at the maiden edition of the GHB Forum, in two engaging and fruitful sessions.

The closing addresses emphasised the growing popularity of Halal products in the worldwide market, citing their safety, cleanliness, and health benefits. The presenters also mentioned that the worldwide movement toward digitalisation, ethical, and sustainable living is driving the growth of the Halal sector.

Serunai Commerce Sdn Bhd, as one of the Official Media Partners, is proud to highlight the event as GHB is a noble effort to continue promoting the Halal industry, which brings enormous benefits to participating countries, not only in terms of positive economic growth, but also in terms of supporting the agenda of inclusive and sustainable growth, and especially, from our end, technology for the Halal industry.

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