The fourth annual Halal Expo & Summit was hosted in the Washington DC area on October 20-21, 2021, featuring both in-person and virtual participation opportunities for businesses from the U.S. particularly, and around the world interested in learning more about the US Halal market.

The expo, which took place in a vibrant exhibition area, offers exhibitors from all over the world, food demonstrations, and a fashion show. It has been redesigned to facilitate networking and commerce opportunities with the top Halal businesses in the U.S.

Concurrently, experts, academics, and business executives participate in panel discussions addressing crucial topics for the Halal industry. The panels this year focus on some essential sectors of the Halal industry, such as banking, investment, and tourism. Apart from that, it highlighted on legal and ethical problems, as well as Halal certification and standards.

This year’s ‘hybrid’ format included both virtual and in-person sessions. Speakers and attendees came from all over the world, thanks to the unique electronic platform built for last year’s virtual exhibition and summit. The fair, as in previous years, honoured the top Halal businesses with special awards.

“After three years of presenting the annual Halal Expo & Summit, we understand the growing demand for Halal products and services in the U.S. market,” said Marwan Ahmad, the expo organiser, and CEO of U.S. Halal Consultants. “In addition to providing practical business solutions, we’ve designed the Expo & Summit to offer Halal producers and suppliers the opportunity to operate in one of the most important markets in the world.”

Serunai Commerce Sdn Bhd was delighted and honoured to have Amnah Shaari, Group CEO and Founder, speak as one of the panellists at the Halal Expo & Summit on the first day of the two-day event on ‘Hitting a Home Run for Halal: Building a Global Community through Technological Innovation.’ “It is an important platform for specialists to share ideas on how to address some of the world’s most serious concerns,” Amnah said, “and we’d like to promote technology for the Halal market specifically from our end.”

Serunai Commerce, through its smartphone app Verify Halal, was also named as one of the official media partners for the event, which was organised by Arabesque Media.

Serunai Commerce’s media connections and support continue to be crucial in amplifying global coverage of events, and with its own Verify Halal app, it continues to build bridges across countries and regions. Visit and learn more about partnership and opportunities at www.serunai.com.

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