The rising international demand for halal products as a mark of quality assurance also presents challenges to ensure ethical and effective governance in halal compliance.

This requires a special committee like Internal Halal Committee (IHC) to uphold and carry out professional halal duty and administration.

According to the Malaysian Halal Management System (MHMS), IHC is defined as a committee established by the organizations to be responsible for developing, monitoring and controlling the halal assurance system to ensure its effectiveness upon the requirements under the Malaysian Halal Certification (Pensijilan Halal Malaysia)

The committee members are made up of at least four individuals who are representatives of main departments that are associated with halal matters such as:

The chairman is responsible for monitoring and making decisions of the halal operation and to lead all meetings.

A halal executive is responsible for all connection with the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (JAKIM) or the respective state’s Islamic department (JAIN) and halal application procedures. The Halal Executive also acts as the secretary for the IHC and maintain all Halal administration documents.

The procurement or finance department controls the purchasing of all materials and ensure purchasing of only halal materials and made and to avoid the purchase of non-halal materials.

The processing department rep ensures all processes or production comply with all halal requirements.

The member of the Halal committee could also be expanded to more than four people depending on the company’s requirements.

As they are the main pillars in the company for halal matters, all IHC members must be competent and resourceful in the halal field.

To achieve that, training should also be among the top priority of activities to ensure mastery in their subject matter where some of the competency training for IHC members include Fatwa and Shariah, Malaysia Standard, MPPHM & MHMS, Halal Regulation, Critical Ingredients and more.

Apart from that, having competent IHC’s, a seamless halal administration is guaranteed when it is amplified through a digital halal management system.

Developed by Serunai Commerce namely VH SMART™, it is an effortless system to manage corrective action audit reports which will be spearheaded by the IHC’s.

Developed in 2020, VH SMART™ has been well received in several countries to help them manage and orchestrate corrective action efficiently which interrelates with halal implementation management through raw material records, purchase proof and training records.

Maintaining halal status or raw material certificate validity is another example of corrective action. With tens of thousands of certificates and ingredients to manage, it is a daunting task without an efficient digital halal record-keeping system like VH SMART that is run by IHC’s who are expected to be the halal experts in any halal-certified organisation.

Find out more about VH SMART and how it can level up your halal certificate application, maintenance and renewal here if you are an industry player where you can also reach out to Halal Centre of Excellence for professional coaching, training, and assistance in all halal field aspects.

Whatsapp/call: http://www.wasap.my/601133627641

Website: https://serunai-test-7ab8bd.ingress-earth.ewp.live/Serunai/HCOE

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